September 28, 2011

Bas Couture

Check it out homies! (if I may be so bold)... 
T-shirt-self made screen print of self portrait, leather jacket-£5 from Flip in Edinburgh.

Oh look!  We're in Scotland! Actually, I'm on scottish time right now having woken at 2 this am...i've been up since then. 

But this is Jill! She and I were in the same year in college in Dundee some 300 years ago. She's a shit hot painter. She's the one with the attitude on the left. Aaah Dundee days

There she is RIGHT NOW via satellite! Technology is so great! OK...She lives in Edinburgh and we talked about doing a house exchange a while back but I've been gathering no moss and that makes for a hard landing. I've got other friends over there too who would probably love to summer in SB so if anyone ever wants to swap flats for a while...and you're cool and all - let me know and my people can call their people etc etc. NOW...

T-shirt £5 at h&m,head scarf £3 at h&m, bracelet- Spanish steel,necklace- silver cake fork,large ring-Indian silver and Cubit Zirconi,Scone-Edinburgh.

Those are pound signs peeps. I can't help you with the air fare either. 

Hey Jill...will you have some clotted cream for me? I LOVE that stuff! 
 Thanks for participating and if anyone wants to send in photos of them selves looking great in their cheep ass clothes- PLEASE do so, and if I like you I'll post them! 

For more about my Bas Couture series, CLICK HERE

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