September 16, 2011

Reused Halloween: Project #4 - more skulls

These skulls and bones glow. They are made from a translucent cardboard like plastic with tissue paper glued on top.

The kids loved decorating the bones (another project with Julia Ford and I at my old job) and they looked great by themselves or... 

Cool with lights behind them.

Other easy projects with kids for Dia de los Muertos OR Halloween are these simple paper masks that they can decorate with feathers, glitter, colored paper etc.

Julia and I made a bunch of flowers with the kids too, out of tissue paper...

and had these skulls everywhere that the children did.

And these little guys were super cool.

I hope no one minds that I'm posting these photos. I took them, but they were from when I was working...pipe in guys and let me know if it bugs...and I'll re-do the projects myself..

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