September 15, 2011

Reused Halloween: Project #3 - paper mache skulls

A couple of years back when I had a friend and fantastic artist Julia Ford and I curated a couple of Dia de los Muertos Shows and developed (and led) a series of workshops for children in community housing developments who's artwork subsequently filled the shows. 

One of the fun things we did was make these coke top bobbles. You fill a top with elmers glue and pour a bunch of weird sparkly stuff in them and little polkadots.

perfect for eyes on skulls, decorative edging, or whatever you might want to make  WAY more cool.

These are some skulls I made for a contemporary arts organization fundraiser  a while back. 

They are made from plaster, but the other ones are paper mache. 
Click here and look for  the Halloween #3 project for more specific instructions.

For the ones that Julia and I made with the community (above is Julia's very cool skull) we combined them with cuttings from Lotus Land and created an installation skull garden with the kids...

Using a sort of table sized tray that we made lined with plastic, we installed a garden with a giant succulent skull in the middle, and the paper mache skulls all around it, some with succulents coming out of their heads. The show looked great and it would be a fantastic children's project. Again, for instructions click here.

We liked the juxtaposition of the life and death themes, of growth and regeneration, of celebration and cycles. 

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