September 22, 2011

Bas Couture

Oh yeah. The whole outfit costs maybe...$32 - thrift stores and f21, accept for my docks which I've had for 11 years now. They were $100 11 years ago. Want to see them? 

OOOOOOOh yeah. True love, complete support, flexibility, understanding, strength and durability. Houses for my souls. That's funny. You don't really hear about people having more than one soul...sole...or sea bass for that matter.

You know, I just went to the kitchen to get an egg and on the way I was thinking that what I really want is for YOU all to send in photos of what YOU are wearing, with the understanding that this is a nook about reuse, thrift stuff, very inexpensive clothes or things like that. That would be so cool! Will someone do it? Send me a couple of photos of some cool thing you're wearing and I'll see if it fits? And write a couple of things, or paragraphs about well...the clothes or your mood or what's happening that day?

Try to look as attractive as you can.

Try not to look like this....

but what am I saying? If you're feeling it!

I have to say one more thing. I'm hoping misguided self image falls under the "mistakes are stepping stones" umbrella because I was having coffee with a pal today, talking about wanting a sleek, cutting edge, aesthetically stelar visually tight space...thinking this would somehow be easy, come naturally for me...when I realized I was sitting there in polyester shirt, really badly died bright red hair stuck in a topknot sticking straight up in the middle of my head, chewing my 1/2 blue painted nails. Oh yea...the living embodiment of high design. Ha! This series shouldn't have been called 'what was she wearing?' but 'what was she thinking?' Hmmmm, I like that. 

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