September 19, 2011

A charmed past

Well - a past thats led to a present full of single earrings anyhow. That's my reuse project of the day. The beginning of a charm necklace for my daughter filled with memories.

All you do is get some of those split rings at a craft store and have your brother make you a necklace, find some of your grandmas jewelry, and a watch that still has it's face, survive the bizarre partial flashbacks to a time when you were wearing allot of velvet and winkle-pickers from the Kings road and listening to allot of Bowie, Stranglers and T-Rex...

forget about the time some crazy chinese woman in LAX scolded you for wearing that dragon charm and practically put a curse on you in the passenger exit zone, forget the bad bad skin and unrequited love...oh the unrequited love....

forgive yourself for wearing your moms super cool three blind mice charm from her childhood in London to swim class in high school (if only you could just not see it sliding down the drain so vividly all these years later)

forget throwing up in every one of Kate's cars, forget the LAME pep rallies, the horrid math and the bottle of vodka under your graduation gown...and remember the good  times!!... with each of those old treasures you're collecting to wrap around your daughters neck...

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  1. I see a Christmas present from me from high school! Cool!