September 21, 2011

Reused Social Media

You wake up one morning and your world has changed. Your preferred social media site has made some structural decisions you don’t get and you haven’t had coffee yet and this is NOT a good way to start the day.

What do you do? What do WE do? We make the most of it! 

We have created a way to REUSE all those valuable hours logged on that social site; keep those cherished memories, exchanges, and friends.

We made a game! It’s called Faces in the forest! 

Using that awesome  “grab” app just start selecting friends profile images in a file, and then compile them in sheets to print.

Now go find some cardboard, stick the images on there with a glue stick, and cut in your preferred shapes. I like the circle; it makes them feel like money.

Then get someone to go hide them in the garden and how many hours of fun will follow!  

You and your friends, find your friends then, with the ones you found – take turns rolling the homemade dice. My categories are: Like, Defriend, hook up, chat, create event and share music with.

And you have to figure out what to do from there because I need some coffee.

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