September 28, 2011

Green grass beyond the curtains

Sometimes life is more rich than others.

Once upon a time there was a girl and one day the girl managed to squeeze some spinal fluid out, and she lost the feeling in her foot and couldn't sit...for 3 months. She managed to loose her job and have to move out of her the same glorious historic moment too. Aaaah life.

Aaah massive humiliation and  excruciating physical and psychological pain.

As we said, there was the girl...but attached to her, or she to them were....her daughter...her daughters father...her boyfriend...his daughter...the girls mother, father and brother, this other family with three boys...then another one with two girls...and that was just the way it was. 
One night the daughter was sad and wanted her own room.  "Daughter", 'the girl' said 'you're right, we don't have A house. We are EXTREMELY lucky, we not only have...count..." and the daughter counted..."4 houses?" she asked her little face starting to relax into a small smile. "YES!" I said "not only that but who's in your family now?"  1,2,3.......12..."12!" "YES! Where once it was 3, now you have 12!! You are one of the luckiest girls EVER!" 
And she was, and she felt the love and she fell asleep happy.

Sometimes family members sneak out at night though when other family return from the opera. Sometimes they just wont come in and sometimes those family members get eaten. Yes. Be thankful YOU have not been eaten by a coyote. It is the one real tragedy of this story that we lost

inky black the pirate cat 

in the middle of the night, one night, from that dark rodent infested field. I am sure he was just WAY too focused on a gopher hole and that it was a swift passing. He was always clumsy, he was the only cat I knew to regularly fall off fences, but we were his and he was ours and we miss him.
Beyond the curtains of my daughters sweet sleep, beyond the closed curtains on the life of our dear friend Inky black, there was need for other curtains, REAL curtains, not just dish towels or old skirts, but REAL working curtains.  

So I made some...out of paper bags.

I think that's all I want to say about that. They're easy to make, and at some point I'll put the HOW TO in the HOW TO place. In the meantime - I've got some green grass in my head for Inky black to play in for a while.

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